How to export Node-Webkit as 64-bit?

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  • Hi, everyone,

    I've compiled a short demo of this week's progress for a friend and found Node-Webkit was outputting win32, which requires Windows 7 to run the .exe in Compatibility Mode. Is there a way to output the game as 64-bit or prevent end users having to manually run the game in Compatibility Mode? When I sell the game down the line I'd like to have either 64-bit support or not make users manually change how the game has to run...

    Thanks in advance,


  • There are no versions of nide webkit for 64-bit systems yet (64-bit chrome was released recently), however I did not experience what you are describing (win32 exported works on my win7 computer)

  • Thanks for the reply and the information. Hmm, now that I run a recompiled win32 I don't experience it either. Maybe it was a temporary issue with Windows (more than likely the case).

  • The 32-bit export should work fine out of the box without compatibility mode. Google Chrome itself is still 32-bit on Windows (and they only added an opt-in 64-bit build very recently, but it's not the default).

  • Ashley Cheers for the response. Sometimes my Node-Webkit exported game freezes when flying around once exported, but uses low memory. Are there inherent events in the game that don't run well? I'm thinking it might be random enemy spawns up to a total of 45 between 0.5 and 4 seconds on layout launch? It's fine in preview.

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  • inquiesco - try r179 - we included a fix for a bug where node-webkit could freeze sometimes on Windows.

  • Ashley Thanks for the information. I'll wait for the stable build, I like to use r178 to help people using the free version and like the stability, .

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