How do I execute an event and ignore the other

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  • Hi construct people

    am new in construct and i wanna ask

    How do I execute an event and ignore the other when the 2 conditions are met in the same time

    To explain more :

    I got a condition says :

    Bird is overlapping Sprite1 >>>>> set collisions Enabled

    and an other condition says :

    Bird is overlapping Toppipe >>>> Bird Destroy

    Now ,What I wanna do is

    When the Bird is overlapping Sprite1 and Toppipe at the same time , ignore event 1 (set collisions Enabled ) and execute event 2 (Bird Destroy )

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  • you can add another condition to the first event like this :

    Bird is overlapping Sprite1 & Bird is NOT overlapping Toppipe >>>>> set collisions Enabled

    if you don't know how to make a NOT condition it's simple just add the second condition ( Bird is overlapping Toppipe) mouse left click on it and from the popup menu select ( invert ) it will become Bird is (NOT overlapping Toppipe).

    here is an explanation why to do this : because you want to make collision enabled only when the bird is overlaping sprite 1 if you add ( not overlapping toppipe ) the event won't work when the bird is overlapping both objects. because the second condition is false, and for second event you don't need to change anything because when the bird overlape toppipe it's already destroyed no need for another collision test.

  • Thank you very much warville

    That's really helpful and simple

    Thanks again

  • you are welcome

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