How many events or global variables is too many?

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  • I have 600 global variables and 2000 events in my game.

    Will having too many cause problems or slow down the game when its published?

  • it depends on how those events are structured and what they are doing...

    having thousands of events can work just fine, but you should use the debugger to see how it is running (cpu usage, memory, fps).

    Having that many global variables sounds like it would be very difficult to manage... there are probably much more efficient ways to store the data you need by using instance variables, arrays, and other techniques. If you describe what your goals are, we can make more specific suggestions.

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  • Hey Allan, thanks for the response. I have so many global variables because each one is for one star in a level. There’s 3 stars per level. When the star is collected, it shows up on the level select screen. I’m sure there’s an easier way lol but I don’t have enough experience

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