How do I after end all animations move to next layout

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  • Hi! I new here. I research but I don't find answer to my question.

    I make point and click game based on my comic. I don't know how to bring player to next layout, after clicks all animations.

    For example:

    I have first layout from 10. On it, is 2 animations. Player must find it and click on it. When animations end, new layout is load.

    Is there anyone able to help me?

    Sorry for the mistakes, english isn't my native language.


  • Hello!

    First you will need to track the animations clicked if you have not done this already i.e. global variable starts at 0, when correct animation is clicked add 1 to variable.

    When global variable is 2 (all animations clicked) > use system go to layout 2. (explained in General section here:

  • Thanks. I try it!

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  • Hmmm... I try but it doesn't work.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Global number Start = 0

    Global number Animations = 1

    Global number End = 2

    -> System - On start of layout

    • Animation 1 - Stop animation
    • Animation 2 - Stop animation

    -> Mouse - On Left butten Clicked on Animation 1

    • Animation 1 - Start animation from current frame
    • System - Add 1 to End

    -> Mouse - On Left butten Clicked on Animation 2

    • Animation 2 - Start animation from current frame
    • System - Add 1 to End

    -> System - On end of layout

    • System - Set End to 2
    • System - Go to layout "Layout 2"
  • Set Global End to 0 initially.

    On end of layout, remove the set end and change it to an event : if End=2, go to layout 2.

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