How do I duplicate objects on screen correctly?

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  • I have read the thread about memory usage and using graphics correctly. I use tile backgrounds, small image sizes, I try to use sizes like 32x32 and 32x64, and i have tried avoiding using many objects per layout. Yet my game is still lagging. Every 5 or ten seconds the whole screen will get stuck very briefly then continue on. This is on pc not even mobile.

    So anyway I was wondering if there was a correct way to duplicate your objects. I know If I wanted to display ten trees I would not make ten objects. But my question is, which way of duplicating is least memory heavy or is there a difference at all? Here is What I mean, I know you can copy paste an object, right click it and clone it or drag and drop an object from the object menu on the right hand side. It all accomplishes the same thing, but are they all equal when considering memory?

  • Seeing jank on a desktop is unusual.

    What does running in debug say about CPU, memory, collisions etc?

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  • est cpu is 50-76 on avrg

    image memory 9.7mb

    collision was going all the way to 900

  • est cpu is 50-76 on avrg

    image memory 9.7mb

    collision was going all the way to 900

    50-76 % sounds high - what does the profile say ?

    Memory is negligible.

    Collisions - is that 900 per second or tick? Either way, wouldn't cause an impact.

    What is the performance like when running one of the built-in examples, such as the Ghost Shooter or Space Blaster?

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