How do I draw (trace) inside fixed shape

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  • Hi community,

    I want to apologize in advance if i can't express myself better, but English is not my main language.

    I am total beginner and i think the best way form me is to learn the program based on case - solution.

    I have an idea for a "learning the numbers" game for very small kids (2-5 years old).

    The "game" part of my idea (the case) is to trace the number inside a shape of a number, so the children can learn how to write.

    I have found several apps like this in the istore, but i want to make one myself.

    If i have to be more specific i need to:

    1) touch draw inside a shape

    2) make some visible (or invisible) points that you have to cross with your finger as you draw, so you can complete the shape.

    Searching the forum was not a big help, or maybe i don't know how to specify my search request.

    I realize now that the level of my request is more advanced, but i want to make that game anyway.

    Can anyone help me with that?

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  • This is a great question and unfortunately I do not have the answer either. But I'm jumping in in case someone else can set us straight.

  • Bump!

    Can someone help us with this?

  • The keyword here is "draw", C2 doesn't specialize in that, however you can do a dot to dot kind of thing where instances are stretched between nodes.

    The usual method is to set an instances hotspot to the far left, and set its width to distance(node1.x,node1.y,node2.x,node2.y), and then set its angle towards the second node.

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