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  • I am interested in buying a license

    But I need some answers

    The Scirra claim ownership of the games?

    Are there any royalties?

    I have 100% of the profits of my games?

    two questions on the license:

    the purchase of the use of annual leave is?

    the purchase of the use permit is for life?


    Estou interessado em comprar a licença

    Mas preciso de algumas respostas

    A Scirra reivindica a propriedade dos jogos?

    Há algum royalties?

    Eu tenho 100% dos lucros de meus jogos?

    duas perguntas sobre a licença:

    a compra da licença de uso é anual?

    a compra da licença de uso é vitalícia?


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  • You retain all rights to your games, and you don't have to pay royalties. The only stipulation is that once you've made $5000 from games made with a personal license, you must upgrade to a business license.

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