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  • HI all, I am creating a horizontal type doodle jump but can anyone tell me- how to make it always possible to jump to the next randomly spawning platform? As the game continues this has to get more difficult and I suppose at the end just about impossible.

    In advance Thank you.

  • Check out the "Infinite Jumper" template inside Construct 2. It will give you an idea of how to go about it. You will basically replace a lot of y's with x's from that template so you scroll to the right instead of upwards. Good luck!

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  • Thanks, I have been trying that one with some success. One problem now is how to get a sprite to randomly appear and scroll across the screen. This sprite is for collecting eg a coin or something.

    At present all I can get it to do is appear once and it dissapears very quickly.

    Any ideas!

  • Hard to know why it is disappearing without seeing your events but I'm sure it's a super simple fix. I recommend ctrl+F5 for debug mode and look for the disappearing object in the list on the left and then see if it's actually deleted or just out of the screen area, or hiding behind something etc. Once you have more info you can go to your event sheet and fix the problem. Good luck!

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