How do I differentiate between drag and click?

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  • Hello there, tnx for your atention

    I have an object with Drag&Drop behavior, when I begin to Drag him it makes a sound, and when I Drop him it makes another sound;

    When I double-click him he rotates and make a third sound;

    Problem is, when I double-click the object c2 thinks I am starting to drag him, and the sounds get in the way and go together.

    How do I differentiate between drag and double-click the object, so I can double-click him without c2 thinks that I am draging?

    Tiny little problem that I can't figure out

    Thank you in advance

  • I would suggest starting a timer when the event On Drag & Drop start triggers, with a short duration of your preference. (Call it 'delay' if you want)

    Only trigger the Drag sound when the timer finishes.

    Stop the timer when a double-click has been triggered.

    This will avoid triggering the drag & drop event when there was a double-click X seconds after the On Drag & Drop start event has been triggered. (replace X by your delay)

    Might sound confusing, here is an example .capx that I made for you.

    Hope this helps.

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  • randomly you got it! Very clever approach, did help xD

    Thank you very much, be blessed /\

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