Different game speed on different devices (despite of dt)

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  • Hi all,

    a question about time.

    My game adds, every tick, dt in a variable and shows its value in a Text object on

    screen (just for test purpose). Timescale = 1.

    On both my PCs, one running the game at about 40 fps and the other one at 60+ fps, the value showed

    is almost exactly the same of that on my wrist chronometer: I start game and chronometer at the

    same time, and when the chrono reaches, say, 60 seconds, on screen appears more or less

    the same value.

    But on a phone Motorola Moto G (Android 5.0.2, running at 40 fps, timescale = 1) things are

    different: when the chrono reaches 60, the value on screen is still at 55, and other 5 or 6

    more seconds are needed to reach 60. And the game runs just a bit, but visibly, slower

    (this is why I performed this test). Of course I do an extensive use of deltatime in my project,

    but in this case it is useless.

    Note: the PCs tests are performed in preview, the phone test via a build with Intel SDK (without Crosswalk).

    Probably I misunderstood something - but what? and if not... is a workaround possible? just to make

    my game running at the same speed on all devices.

    thanks in advance (also for the effort to read my english ) )

  • I think you need to take a look at the manual on optimization and search the tutorials as well.

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  • already done, of course, and not only once ... but I don't struggle for a better fps value (40 fps on mobile are ok for my needs) but for a correct time computing on all devices...

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