How do I determine the time of collision

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  • Hi all,

    New to Construct. Just began 'playing around'. Looks nice. Question. I want to know the time of collision (or the time an object reaches the border of a layout). I have two instances of an object with both it's own speed. I want to go to a next level when both instances collide with an object (or layout border) at the same time.

    Regards, Harry

  • You might use tickCount or time...

    But it would be incredibly hard for both objects to collide at exactly the same time, I guess...

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  • Perhaps it is not the time of collision you are looking for.

    2 overlap checks in 1 event.


    player a is overlapping Finish

    player b is overlapping Finish


    go to layout

    for time tracking purposes, you could give each player its own variable: starttime, endtime

    and respectively set them at each event, after which you can use them in all sorts of calculations.

  • HarryDeBoer you could create timer like this

  • Hi all

    thanks for your answers. helped me to get going. I created an instance variable for this and on collision with walls I set the (rounded) time to that variable. I can see (write to text) the time on collision so that is working but I'm trying to figure out now how to compare the time variable for all instances -at gametime I don't know how many instances there are- at once.

    PS if the time for the instances is equal I restart the level with another instance added (so difficulty increases)

    Regards, Harry

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