How do I detect that there is no longer a collision

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  • Hello,

    So I have made a button, sprite with a flower (attached drag and drop to it), whenever I move my flower on to the button I've made a collision detection the way it will turn on the particle by changing its position from the outside of the screen to the position of the button, and everything works great. But now I want my particles to go away why I move away the flower from my button. How do I detect that there is no longer a collision?


  • Make a collision event for the objects and if you righ click the event you can invert it. This is the same as saying if there is NO collision

  • Use the condition 'on overlap with', spark in an action.

    Use a second and inverted 'on overlap with', un-spark in an action.

    Probaly combined with a 'once while true'.

    You can not invert the trigger 'on collision'.

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  • Thanks 99Instances2Go, works like a charm, the invert suggestion regarding "on collision" kept me really busy as it was greyed out

  • You can never invert a trigger.

    Its a 'fire' thingy. When it happens, it throws kinda a fit at your events, and that trigger runs its actions independend from where you have coded it in the list of events.

    The invert would be 'when it not triggers' and that is the same as 'on every tick' + somewhere random in the list of events. That makes no sense.

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