How do I Destroy a Sprite then bring it back?

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  • So I have my main menu for a touch screen mobile game all on a separate layer names gui. At first I have been simply making the buttons visible when a player clicks on the menu button, and invisible when the click the exit sprite. But I have run into a problem. If I touch the part of the screen where the buttons are(even when set to invisible) the button gets clicked and the menu event is ran. So I have found that destroying the sprites will prevent this from happening and save cpu. But then how do I call the objects back into play when the player hits the menu button? I tried setting the obj sprite to visible to show them again, but once they are destroyed the visible setting does not work.

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  • Or should I just create a new layout for this and call the layout when a player touches the menu button?

  • A common method is to put your menu events in a Group, then enable/disable the group to turn the events on and off as needed.

  • Thank you so much! worked very well for me!

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