How do I destroy an instance rather than an object?

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  • I am trying to learn how to use this platform and in doing so I have created a game with the goal of letting the player hit as many objects on the display as possible as they show up on the screen. As time goes by, more and more concurrent objects are shown on the screen. They are all created using "Create Object <object>" at a random position on the screen.

    Everything works fine, well, everything except for one thing: When an object is hit, not only that object is destroyed, but also all other objects of that type visible on the screen during that specific time.

    How do I avoid this? Is it possible to destroy an instance rather than an object, e.g. "Destroy this" or "Destroy self", in any way? If not, how do I fix this problem?

    Thank you!

  • Your problem is most likely your picking, meaning you are not picking the correct object to destroy, therefore it destroys all of them.

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  • i have it set to player on collision with ledge the player will set animation to "glide" which is only one frame but the player stays on ledge and moves with the background

  • Can you try to post a screenshot of the code?

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