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  • Hi,

    What's the best way to design your background for a platform game? Specifically, I like a tiled pixel look, and I understand that if I put the same tile down many times to make the floor, for example, that is an efficient way to design because it's using 1 tile to create a large area. But what if I want a very uneven surface, like the slope leading towards a pit that tumbles down into a cave. Seems like I would many several different variations on that tile to create such a surface. What if I just draw out whole floor/surface of this world in GIMP as pixel art and import and set it as a Solid, then add another layer underneath for the color of the sky. Is that bad game design?



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  • There are many ways to achieve results in Construct 2. It's hard to give a solid answer, all games are differ. There is, however, working with limitations and using power in better ways.

    You could create the floor, break it up into smaller images and (re)building. But maybe the regular Tilemap would be better for that?

    I recommend reading this for some fundamentals; ... our-memory

  • Thanks for sending that link, good stuff in there.



  • Hey Hey people sorry for hijacking the post but can someone help me too :/ -

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