How do I decipher this error message?

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  • Hi guys - wondering if someone knows what this bug means when I export for node.js. Specifically, would love to figure out if I can go to the designated line numbers within the c2runtime.js file and figure out what is causing my issues (not sure how to read the bolded below, is that line number 8614? What is the 13?)

    Thanks for any help!

    Uncaught node.js Error

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of null

    at Layer.createInitialInstances (file:///C:/X/AppData/Local/Temp/nw14172_3021/c2runtime.js:8614:13)

    at Layout.startRunning (file:///C:/X/AppData/Local/Temp/nw14172_3021/c2runtime.js:7681:10)

    at Runtime.go_loading_finished (file:///C:/X/AppData/Local/Temp/nw14172_3021/c2runtime.js:4916:29)

    at Runtime.go (file:///C:/X/AppData/Local/Temp/nw14172_3021/c2runtime.js:4670:9)

    at file (file:///C:/X/AppData/Local/Temp/nw14172_3021/c2runtime.js:4734:33)

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  • JUST A GUESS - You deleted an object from the project - the code is trying to read the "type" property from that object, and throwing the error.

    Find the object in the event sheet that was deleted, and delete the condition/action.

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