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  • Hi all. I recently bought a personal edition of C2 and am wading through the learning curve. So here's my first newbie question.

    I have two actions that I want to execute in an event when two conditions are true. So I have an 'and' expression as below (which represents the single event). I have numbered each condition and action to help describe the order of events. The 'X' below indicates an inverted condition.

    1. System    | Enemy.Count <= 0                   3. BlackHole | Set Visible
    2. BlackHole | X Is visible                       4. System    | Set StartSpaceship to 1
    Values in debugger:
    [code:znr3andy]Enemy (0)
    BlackHole (1)
    #0 ->Visible [1][/code:znr3andy]
    When I step to this event when debugging, the red dashed outline displays around the first condition (1), indicating the expression is evaluating. I click Next in the debugger and the red dashed outline then displays around the 'Set Visible' action (3) rather than on the next condition (which is FALSE at the time, verified in the Inspect window). So the order is 1-3-4 and I would expect 1-2 followed by next event (assuming first condition is TRUE). So, my actions are executed even when I don't think they should be.
    What am I doing wrong?
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