How can debugger show values of all instance variables?

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  • Hi All... How can I use the debugger to show values of all the instance variables? Via the debugger, I can view the values of the objects' properties. But when looking at the objects' instance variables, the values are blank ~ nothing to view nor to change. Also, there's no "eye icon" to "watch" such variable. I noticed that some objects do have instance variables showing their values, but this has become a rare situation rather than the norm.

    I am using Release 152 (yes, an old version) with Chrome on Windows 7. Your help will be much appreciated, as I use Construct 2 to teach game programming to to both Middle and High School students. Thanks in advance. Regards... Jason

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  • I suggest you update to the latest version (163) and try again - appears to work OK here. Any reason you have stayed on 152 ?

  • I'm not sure what you're referring to. The debugger lists all object instance variables and every one has a 'watch' icon. Can you describe in more detail exactly what you're doing and where you're looking? Also maybe update to r163, since perhaps it's a bug we already fixed.

  • Hi Ashley and RamPackWobble... thanks so much for each of your prompt help (wow, including a post from the founder .

    After your confirmation that there are no issues with r163, I downloaded r163 and discovered that the "bug" is on my end.

    My problem was that my instance variables names were becoming too long (i.e. 70 letters or more), and thus pushed the "values" and "eye icon" off to the right and thus became cropped off, especially under a three-column format. But once I resized my Chrome window to be single-column format, the "values" and "eye icon" reappeared, successfully! Yeah, it works! (Now, I might need to consider shortening my variable names.

    My Middle/High School Students and I thank you both soooo... much.

    Special regards... Jason

  • I only go by "Founder" at the lodge on Thursday nights, one trouser leg stuck into my sock, oh wait did you mean Ashley? How embarrassing...

    Seriously I go for quite descriptive names but 70 letters...

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