Death Animation only works on the bottom of the window

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  • Hi all,

    I'm new to construct. I have encountered a problem when it comes to playing the death animation of my character. My other animations work perfectly fine but this one does not. First of all, the frames are all of the same size and origin points are set correctly. When I add platforms and make them solid and trigger the death animation it sorts of flickers between idle state and the first frame only and ignores the others. When i tried to trigger the animation at the bottom of the project window instead of a platform, it runs fine. Although running fine, the idle animation does not work (player stops moving but animation keeps going) for some reason and only works on solid platforms. So it is kinda fixing one solution whilst causing another problem :/ Thanks alot!

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  • We definitely need either your .capx or a screenshot of your event sheet to solve this,

    since this is no common problem but a specific issue.

  • I solved it. It was conflicting with another event inverse on floor. Thanks anyway!

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