How do I make a curved health bar?

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  • I know how to make a rectangle health bar. But I am creating a game that involves player chips that they move across the board. They move across and when they are able to attack, once done there health depletes. I Know this doesn't make sense right know, I wish I could show an image but I don't have one. There chip is a circle with another circle inside of it closer to the outside, so it kinda looks like a halo or ring. If you cut it in half, you get 2 shapes like a rainbow. I want one half (or one rainbow) to be an health bar so it fits along the chips circle outline. Does anyone know how to do this, or do I need to visualize it more?

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  • So kind of like the health bar used in N64 Goldeneye? How is this different from the logic of a rectangular health bar? Wouldn't it be the same logic where based on the amount of health the graphic changes so you just make all of the necessary graphics and trigger them at certain amounts of health? Or am I missing something? Maybe...but I would just make the different stages of the health bar ring as animation frames and set each frame based on the relevant health or status of the player, which is I assume how your rectangular one was made?

  • If I understood right you can do it in the same way as it was rectangle and use a mask to make things outside the shape invisible.

  • May or May not be related as I'm unsure what the OP wants exactly

  • kossglobal Aphrodite thanks for your suggestions I'll work with these comments

  • Aphrodite

    Just got to say, this is a FANTASTIC solution. Never thought about that

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