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  • Hey all,

    Was wondering,Say if you have a game that's not really cpu intensive and would run at 60fps in any exporter, would you go for crosswalk or cocoonjs. Knowing their limitations which one would you go for?.

    Cocoonjs has limitations such as not supporting fb, twitter plugins and text boxes. Does crosswalk support them? and also can crosswalk do admob/mopub ads?. In terms of Ads and IAP which one would be the better option?

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  • If performances is not the issue, crosswalks is larger in size but works the same as chrome for android, so should support well textboxes, as for facebook and twitter I cannot be sure 100%

    For ads and IAP, cocoonjs currently is the best option unfortunatelly (the unfortunatelly just represent a personnal point of view about cocoonJS)

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