How do I create a 2 players game like tetris battle?

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  • Hi. Sorry for disturbing you all during your busy days. I'm new to Construct2. I wonder is it possible to create a simple real time online game where 2 players can battle/compete with each other, something like tetris battle using Construct2?

    Given the conditions:

    1. The players have to be online.

    2. The sever(or sthg) will select then group 2 of the players together to start the battle.

    3. Assume the time limit for each round is 5 minutes. The 1 who scored the highest will be the winner.

    4. The winner will be rewarded a badge everytime he won a round.

    Is there any tutorials, demos or examples which I can refer to?

    Or is there someone who is free to assist or teach me in creating similar game?

    I will be deeply appreciate your help. I don't mind paying as long as I can learn something. Thanks

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  • It's possible, are you using the free version or personal license? Because you can't create multiplayer games with the free version.

  • Thanks for your reply. I am using personal license. Is there any similar demo I can refer? =)

  • Here's an intro to multiplayer:

  • Ugh i can't even post a dang link lol. Search "Multiplayer Tutorial" in the tutorials and it should come up.

  • i think that would work for me : ) , thanks

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