Can I create a local multiplayer game in Construct 2?

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  • Hi, everyone! I'm Onix, a graduate student that is a novice with game development. I have a networking class that required us to create a multiplayer peer-to-peer game of any kind with some 'technical' specifications.

    Construct 2 was one of the easiest game engines I found, I also gathered it's one of the better ones, if not the best, so I shortlisted to try it among others.

    But I really need something specific: a game I can play with others in a local network without internet connection. That is one of my most immediate needs right now from a game engine, so I can proceed with my development. I already read some information on this topic on Construct 2, I found that the manual and some tutorials immediately refer to the 'signalling' and WebRTC thingies (sorry) when using multiplayer. But I obviously can't use that because of my specific requirement. And now I'm not sure what else to try, being really new to this scene.

    I know I could still sift through the forums to search for more info, but my internet access has been really limited lately and I've already spent a good deal of time on this, so now I'm seeking the forum's help. I could really some right now.

    Is there some way Construct 2 can satisfy my mentioned requirement? Thank you very much.

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  • If you run your own signalling server on the same LAN you can have it work without any internet connection.

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