How do I Create An Item Examination Screen?

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  • You know how when you come across a mysterious note in a game, and you select it, and it pops up onscreen allowing you to read it while the rest of the game pauses, and then you press a key to put the note back down and resume the game? Yeah, that, lol. I think I can figure it out with just one note, but there are several notes to be found in my game.

  • Hello Milanbaudelaire,

    As with all game development, there are multiple ways to accomplish what you're asking for.

    First off, what kind of input are you going to use? Keyboard? Mouse? Touch?

  • Hi!

    I'm creating a point-and-click game with additional keyboard input.

  • I use that in my point and click games.

    You can reposition an item sprite to the center of the screen and then enlarge it using the Size command for that sprite and then either when they click on the sprite or after a set time put the size back to what it originally was and put the sprite position back where it was.


    On Note Clicked: Set Note Position X and Y (center of your layout is best)

    ............................: Set Size of Note Width and Height (larger dimensions for users to see)

    .............................: Wait 5 Seconds

    ..............................: Set Note Position X and Y ( where you want the note to return to)

    ..............................: Set Size Of Note Width and Height (Original dimensions)

    That works well for examining an object and you can also set the cursor sprite to a magnifying glass when it is over the object so they know to click on it and take a look and then reset the cursor to normal when the enlarged sprite is reset to original size and position.

    If you want it to look real fancy create a sprite of an examination frame and background and set that in the middle of your layout and make it invisible. When they click on an item to examine make that frame sprite visible and set your item sprite to the position of the frame and enlarge it.

    That make the item stand out so it can be seen. Then make the item sprite return to original size and position and make the examination frame invisible. Makes it look snazzy like the pro games.

    Guess I should do a tutorial on this huh?

    OK here is the tutorial I wrote for this with a CAPX example:

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  • OK here is the tutorial I wrote for this with a CAPX example:

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