How do I Create a game to teach logic to children

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  • Hello , I created a basic game platform to understand how the construct works, but I would like to create a game to teach the program , how could I do to move buttons selecionandos the child , such as -> -> move the character 2x right when she " run" the code?

    I have no such knowledge ... This " game" once done will provide free

  • run the code? Like typing some thing ? I dont understand what selecionandos is XD

    If i get it right like


    1 + 1 = ? , Then she write 2 , and then dah character move as u want

    .. Maybe this will help

    Text box event >> Compare "(the code)" l Sprite/character > set x = Sprite/character.X + (1 until as u want)

    Hope this will help

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  • Hello , I created a basic game platform to understand how the construct works

    Is het possible to see that ? Would help to understand the question.

  • I haven't tried anything yet, but you could try making buttons, then make an event that detects which buttons are pushed, corresponds the button pushes with numbers, and puts that data into an array. Then when you press "Run", you have it read the array and perform the commands accordingly. Again, this is an idea, it might work...

    I'll try it out later today.

    BTW if people are confused. OP is talking about a simple programming game, much like Light Bot

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