How do I create a in game menu panel

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  • Hi Guys, Ive done a fare amount of tutorial hunting and couldn't find what I was looking for so here goes..

    What Im trying to find is some kind of tutorial that will help me create a side panel menu for object placements.

    Basically how this would work is you would click on a tab whether it be for creating buildings or vehicles. Once a tab is clicked it would then display the relevant content.

    Please the image below which should give a better understanding on how it should work.

    Thanks in advance for helping out.



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  • This seems rather simple so I'm not sure why a tutorial would be made for this. It is a matter of clicking a sprite and setting other sprites or possibly grouped objects in a family visible/not visible. You could make use of variables, when you select the tank icon it has an isSelected boolean which is set to true, when this is set to true then the vehicles are made visible. When you click the other icon, you hide the vehicle objects and make the other objects visible. Assuming the menu always has the same layout then it is easy to set up. If the icons move around then it becomes a little more difficult.

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