How do I create a game based on three screens?

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  • Hello,

    I want to create a game that consist in three screens (or maybe four) with static elements on each one where I would have to perform some actions (swipe, click, etc.).

    I want to be able to swipe left and right in a infinite loop among the screens, I mean:

    From screen 1 I can go to screen 4 or 2

    From screen 2 I can go to screen 1 or 3

    From screen 3 I can go to screen 2 or 4

    From screen 4 I can go to screen 3 or 1

    How can I do this on Construct 2?

    Thanks in advance,


  • You would either have to have a ridiculously large window/viewport size, or you would have to have 4 separate projects/games in separate browser windows. This is HTML5, not direct X, your options are going to be slim.

  • The idea is to deploy it only for smartphones and tablets, just swipe and go to another part of the shop.

    Imagine a shop with 3 screens: Screen for requests and payments, screen for pick shirts/trousers and another screen to pick shoes/socks.

    I'm not sure if Construct 2 is going to be the best platform to build a game of this kind.

  • Oh, I thought you meant like 3 monitors. Look at tutorials on swipe and scroll. Or search the forum. For me I put an invisible sprite with scrollTo on it. Then I just move it where I need the screen to scroll.

  • Ohhh... probably I explain wrong

    As you say I don't mean 3 monitors, I mean one monitor or screen on a smartphone or tablet, scroll across a scenary, and from last part of the scroll see again the first, in a circular way.

    And scroll should be per zones, i mean, swipe should scroll an exact amount of pixels to center the next part of the scene on the screen.

  • Herni do you mean Screen Switching like this

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  • Hello Lordshiva1948,

    Thanks for the file

    I mean something like this: The examples are here:

    * * Yesterday, I was able to do something like the first example (no smooth), still trying to make it smooth, but I still don't know how to make it cycle, I mean when I am in top left, swipe to left move me to the top right and viceversa. 1>2>3>4>1>2... 2<3<4<1<2<3.

    Thanks again


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