How do I create an event "object on top of another object"

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  • Hello!

    I cant seem to figure this out, nor can i find the answer on the web. But maybe someone here can help me out?

    I would like to make a condition that triggers an action when an object is on top of another object. Both objects have physics behavior attached to them and move around the screen before they eventually slow down. Then if object1 is ON TOP of object2 i would like to trigger an action.

    Anyone got ideas of how to achieve this? So frustrated i cant figure it out!

  • Do you mean "is overlapping" or "is overlapping at offset"?

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  • Hi!

    I used "is overlapping" earlier but now I realized I need to change that after I gave both objects a physics behavior. (they are solid now so they wont overlap each other)

    I might have figured this out now!

    I looked up the is "overlapping at offset" command you mentioned. And according to the manual it seems to work so that it checks if an object is within the range you set in the event sheet.

    I set "is overlapping at offset x=0 and y=1" and it seems to work the way i want (when object is on top of another object it triggers an action)

    yeh so problem solved

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