How do I create event where my charter jump on the block

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  • Hi! I'am the beginner of Construct 2

    I am making a infinite jumping game on android. I want to create event where platform will dissapear, when my hero jump on it. My hero jumping like this: Hero>Platform is on floor => Charter>Simulate _Platform pressing Jump. Platform name block_destroy.I using the scroll like in template "infinite jumping". Platforms are creating by random.

    And i dont know why ,but scroll system is lagging on android device (samsung galaxy s5). i exported by cocoonJS. is it consequences of using free version cocoonJS ? or not ? how to fix it ?

    P.S. Sorry For My Bad English

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  • Try adding an event like this :

    Event: 'charter - on collision with platform_destroy' AND 'charter - platform - is falling'

    Action: platform_destroy - destroy

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