How do I create a dialog box

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  • I have two questions for dialog boxes.

    1. I would like to create a dialog box that helps navagate what parts of my game is all about. I am learning how to create these boxes , but i would like it to go to different parts of the page as i click the other dialog box would come up.

    2. I posted a coin question about pinning jappanese numbers onto coins. However, it will restart when they hit the incorrect number.

    What i would like to happen is before it restarts I would like to have a dialouge box state the right sequence that needed to be picked in order

    Additionally, i want to set it up if they click 1 then a dialoge box with the jappenase word would come up.

    Thank you again for your future help.


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  • Create a sprite with a solid color to be your box, and write on it with the text object or the sprite font one.

    You can use the same box and text for all dialog boxes in the game to avoid wasting unnecessary memory, just change the text and box size within your events depending on what you want to do.

    You can also destroy and create this same box and text object as many times as you need and changing their shape, size, location and text each time this happens.

    Since you want to use Japanese kanji you suggest you go for the Sprite Font object. You can check it out here:

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