How do I Create a Custom Cursor?

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  • Can someone please tell me why my mouse input/cursor settings are not working? I still get the standard white cursor, and none of the actions that I've specified on the Main event sheet are responding. I'm using Google Chrome.

    Capx file: ... .capx?dl=0


  • You've included the event sheets the wrong way round. The layout uses 'Stapleton' so you have to include 'main' in there, not what you're doing at the moment which is including 'Stapleton' in 'main'. A good trick is to test other events i.e. destroy the item when you mouse over it. You will see that the events are not being used because 'Stapleton' is the default event sheet. Alternatively you can make 'main' the event sheet in use instead of 'Stapleton' if you prefer, by changing in layout properties.

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  • I am so glad that you brought this up. Let's be friends, because I'm an idiot when it comes to programming, and I'm going to have lots of event sheet related questions.

    Okay, first: I'm getting a lot of information from tutorials on YouTube, and I learned to be more organized by using separate event sheets and funneling them into a main "super sheet".

    Are you saying, going forward, to ensure that each new layout uses "Main" as the default event sheet?

  • I think based on your game it might be best to give Layout 2 its own event sheet and include 'main' where main has all of the general gameplay logic. I don't know what your plan is with the game, if you have lots of levels across different layouts then you can assign each layout its own event sheet and just include 'main' which will have all of the general logic. For example, anything to do with that specific level that is for spawning items, level gameplay, switches, doors, anything like that can be in a level specific event sheet. This is just for organisation though, like classes in programming. You can just have one event sheet for the entire game if you want and split everything into groups.

  • Yes, indeed! That is the plan... I've only just started making the game, so I will have dozens of layouts probably.

    I think I see what you're saying: consolidate all of the general gameplay logic onto the Main event sheet (organized into appropriate groups) and have Main feed into each layer-specific event sheet. Got it! Thank you!

    Which brings me to the million-dollar question: how do I know how to order things on the Main sheet? Group "Stapleton" will contain player movements. Group "Inventory" will contain logic concerning the inventory system. Group "Mouse" will contain logic about the mouse and cursor... et cetera. In my mind, since each group is totally independent of the others, it shouldn't matter which order I stack them in. But I know by now things don't work that way--if the groups are not arranged in a specific hierarchy, the game will not work. However, I can't understand any rhyme or reason on how to order the groups top-to-bottom. The trial and error method of rearrangement is fine, until I have a dozen different groups... then I'm screwed.

    I will re-upload a .capx file showing the group setup when I get home from work, but I would really love some insight on how to properly order things on event sheets (I could not find any helpful info about this in the manual, or on YouTube)!

  • As long as you don't run any events that cancel each other out then it should be fine. In general the grouped logic will be for separate things and won't start altering variables required in other areas. Just be aware that if you see any bugs involving variables then it could be the ordering but you should be fine.

  • OK, thanks, Plinkie! Thanks so much.

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