How do I create achievement for Autorunner?

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  • I want to add a type of achievements to my autorunner game but can't get it to work. Basically i want an image/sprite to appear when the user goes past certain scores. I'm using the Autorunner template for my game and what i've tried doing is create an event like this -

    Condition - System -> Compare Variable (TotalDistance) = 1000

    Action - System -> Create Object

    This hasnt worked for me as nothing happens when it hits 1000.

    Could someone help me out with this, i'm using the Autorunner Template as a basis for my game.

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  • Put both the conditions and use it this way

    System -> Compare Variable (TotalDistance) >= 1000

    System -> Compare Variable (TotalDistance) < 1001

  • Thank you so much for that, it works. I've changed it slightly where i just set the initial visibility to invisible and when it hits a certain number is becomes visible rather than creating an object.

    Do you know how to make it appear for just a second and then disappear again? Also it is possible to add a blinking effect to it?

  • you can use "flash" behavior for that! or else you have to do it manualy using wait function!

  • Great, thank you again!

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