How do I get a correct 'Idle' animation?

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  • Hello guys, this is my very first time trying to use Construct 2, and the first persistent problem I really can't solve on my own has already occured. I've been trying to fix it for about a week now, but I just can't seem to get it done.

    Hence I would like to ask you guys for help!

    What occurs is that my character does not enter 'Idle' animation, instead rapidly switching between the first frame of 'Idle' and 'Falling' when he is supposed to only be idle.

    The .capx should be attached.

    Like I said, this is my first time for everything, including posting on the forum. I've read the rules, and don't think I broke any so far, but please correct me if I did.

    In before, all of the artwork used is from the existing game MapleStory. I do not plan to release this game to the public, this is for my own practice only! I'm trying to make a 1-on-1 fighting game from artwork used in this 2D MMORPG.

    Also, I've tried updating the character's 'Idle' animation frames, hence they look differently from Falling, Jumping and Walking.

  • You needed to have the image point in the same place in all animation frames. Go to any frame, press 5 on the num pad. Then right click on the Image Point 0 and choose Apply to whole animation.

  • Thank immensely Codah! I don't have a numpad on the laptop I work with, but setting the image point to all frames worked out. I'll do some more research on what more the image point does, apart from adding anchors to frames (as shown in the top-down shooter tryout project)

    Thanks again

  • Right now I have about the same problem on the 'Walking' animation.

    I have tried setting the origin point from 'Idle' to all animations, and setting the origin point on the same Y value, all with about the same result.

  • Here. You were setting the walking animation on every tick, so it was continually starting over from the first frame. You do have other issues to address though.

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  • Thanks. One other issue was that the origin point in Idle had a higher Y value than the walking animation.

  • Yeah I think that's what I said in my first post the origin point is just image point 0. Good luck.

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