Conveniently adding art layers after Event Sheets are made?

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  • The title could not properly fit what I was trying to ask.

    Imagine this scenario: I make a game. This prototype build has three layers: Background, Game, and UI. Very simple. The Game layer has a player that shoots stuff. It shoots stuff by Creating an object on image point x On Layer 1. I do this numerous times for various things in the game layer focusing around the On Layer x action.

    Now the prototype is shaping up into an alpha/beta, and it's time to make the art better. I want to add Parallaxing background layers. This means that I need to add multiple Background layers under the Game layer. This means that the Game Layer is no longer Layer 1.

    When I slide the Game Layer around with other Layers, it doesn't change the value for ~On Layer actions. Is there any convenient way to move all of my "Create object on Layer x" functions to a different layer number at once?

  • Instead of using layer numbers use layer names. Then you can add as many new layers as you want without needing to update anything like that.

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  • Thanks! I wasn't aware you could do that. This is a pretty important thing to know ahead of time, I wish the really popular beginner tutorials mentioned that.

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