Construct 2 suppport any ad Networks?

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  • Ii really want start making games with Construct 2 but i want to make money from them too,

    so my question is.. does Construct 2 supports any Ad Networks like AdMob, iAd or something?

  • There are many ad networks you can use and there are different ways to implement them. You'll wan t to search the forum for pode html plugin. Then search the tutorials for ad networks, admob, banner ads, leadbolt, etc.... There are many tutorials that are easy to follow. You can pretty much use just about service you want for ads. Many provide their own plug ins for C2.

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  • I recommend reading the tutorials and forums after just the tiniest bit of searching... it will work wonders for you. If you put in at least some minimal effort you should find lots of info on what you are asking about.

    A quick answer for you (though I know this will just lead you to continue not search for the info on your own):

    The exporters support various ad neworks:

    CocoonJS: Admob/Mopub

    Crosswalk: Admob coming soon (currently you can use iFrame plugin for leadbolt)

    Ejects: iAds

    Windows 8: Windows 8 Ad plugin for Pubcenter

  • Ok Thank You very much

  • Also you need to buy personal license to earn money and if you earn more than 5.000 dolars you need to buy Business license.

  • Hello, do you known any video tutorials about add adds or in app purchase to a construct2 game.


  • mahmoudtokura

    im actually searching the forums for the same

    did you find anything?

    please share if you did!


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