Construct 2 project file won't open

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  • Hello,

    For whatever reason construct 2 won't open my save files. I never have had this problem before. I am of course using some custom behaviors, and I found the one responsible, but I can't figure out why it causes this. It has made it impossible to open my projects. I can create a new file, add the behavior, and no matter what I do it can't be opened the next time I load it.

    I have scoured the behavior for anything out of place, but why should a behavior affect a c2 save file? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Do you get any errors or whatever?

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  • Do you get any errors or whatever?

    So, it seems, if you change the properties of a behavior after creating a file that saved those properties, construct doesn't know what to do with the save data.

    For example, If I create a new behavior and I leave in the this.myproperty that comes with the same behavior and then take it out later, the save file has a place for that property. When trying to load it it doesn't know how to interpret it.

    I think.

    I should think if it loaded an unknown property it should discard it at the request of the user. Idk... I havn't tried editing the xml file to correct yet, mostly becuase I am lazy and found it a good opportunity to restructure and rebuild those projects anyway

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