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  • Yes i know this should be in bug reports but because of its nature i can not provide it so here we go. i was using construct 2 (free version btw) and wanted to save after i edited something but then construct 2 crashed. i had saved the .capx folder on a usb drive and after construct 2 crashed my .capx folder program or whatever was gone and was not anywhere on my computer and now that was like 2 days worth of things GONE so yea just wanted to put this here to see if it can be fixed.

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  • also i am using windows 8.1

  • Seems like a good lesson on why you should use backup options.

    Also, if files are gone then they were deleted from the temp folder of windows. Otherwise, you possibly can find them back there.

    Don't save on USB key or virtual drive.

    Prefer saving directly on hard-drive. Save often and don't strictly work on a single capx, makes new instances as often as possible.

    In the end, it's more a user bug then a Construct bug. Crash happens. Fail saved also do.

    Use the best practices.

    Better to learn it soon and lose a barely started project (2 days is ok and can be redone quite quickly) then later on.

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