Is it considered wrong to ask alot of questions?

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  • I post several questions each day. I can figure out some things in construct 2 but i need alot of help. I can't figure out things like i probably should. Is it considered annoying or unnacceptable to post many questions each day, should you limit yourself to one each day? I just wanted to know so i don't post too many questions and poeple will find me annoying.

  • No it's not wrong IMO because this forums was made to ask question and because Scirra has a "friendly" community thus we must be nice and try our best to help others.

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  • Ask as many questions as you like.

    As long as it looks like you are genuinely trying and need help, then users won't feel they are being taken for granted, and will more than happily render assistance.

    The problem arises when a user just asks for help but hasn't made any effort on their own (tutorials, manual, prototyping) and just appears to want someone else to do the work for them.

  • No no it's not wrong if you don't ask you cannot learn

  • It is not wrong to ask questions, but I would encourage people to try and solve the problem on their own or with existing web resources first.

    You can actually learn other things that might come in handy another time, while searching for the solution to a problem you have . The manual also covers a lot of things.

    Imo it is good to formulate questions in a way that makes them more generally appliable to different scenarios. Good questions imo are ones that apply to many different scenarios and focus on one specific point instead of a wide system of interwoven interactions, thats only applyable to a very specific project you might be working on. It certainly takes skill/experience to isolate and describe a problem as naked as it can be. This is not meant for the opening poster of this topic, but more a general comment about asking coding questions.

  • It's not wrong to ask, but try searching the forum if someone else asked a similar question. Maybe you get your answer more faster that way?

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