How do I configure a Scirra Leaderboard?

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  • Hi, I made this way:

    In my game

    • On start of layout GameOver -> Submit hi-score pontuacao to leaderboard "Bugga Runner - Leaderboard"

    In my leaderboards I just create a new leaderboard and put this name to Bugga Runner - Leaderboard.

    It's not working yet, there is something else I have to do?

  • I assume you have the scirra arcade object in your project.

    Otherwise it sounds like you did everything it needs. My advice would be to carefully double check spelling of your leaderboard name and the passed name. You may also want to remove the - (hyphen) if all else fails. I kept my passed name and the leaderboard name to old style file name convention... ie. no spaces ThisNameScoreboad. Since I am old school and didn't want to risk Construct2 not understanding spaces... but not sure if that is necessary. You could try that too as well.

    Also once you get them in you have to shut out of arcade and then re-run to get them to store the score and even then sometimes my score would appear quite a while later.

  • Thanks for taking a time to help me. I modified the name, now it's just "BuggaRunner" no spaces, no numbers, no special char, but I still have the same problem. :/

    Here is the game I'm trying to put a leaderboard on, I wish I could put a pic of my code here, but at least you can see my leaderboard and maybe you have a hint about what is going on. ... nner-19799

  • Are you referencing the correct variable in your Scirra arcade event?

    [Submit hi-score of MyScoreVariable to leaderboard "BuggaRunner"]

    Also, make sure you are re-importing the new version to the arcade before testing.

    Can you post your .capx file? Save out as .capx and then host via Mediafire, one drive or another free host?

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  • Oh, sure.

    Here is the link, it's on dropbox. ... .capx?dl=0

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