Comparing Arrays and Event Sheets

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  • I haven't begun to look over how arrays work via tutorials, but I'm wondering about how it will affect my projects.

    1) Is there a limit to event sheets being used solely for storing values for different objects?

    2) Does it have any effect on a project's data size/running speed/etc?

    3) Any good array creation tutorials? Because I haven't come across any?

    4) Is is easy to simply copy data from an event sheet and apply it to an array?

    Once again, Construct is SOOOOO much easier to use than the other 2D game engines I've tried that I wish I started using it so many years earlier.

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  • every event sheet is a new file. i dont think c3 has event sheet limits but i know c2 free did. scour youtube youll find array explanations. theyre just 2d-3d variables. like rows and columns of data.

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