How do I Combo Attack

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  • Hello people,

    How can I make a combo of 3 or more attacks? I have the animations already made, I do not know how it is in operation

    I've tried everything but nothing succeeds, who can help me?

    thank you in advance

    Sorry for my bad English

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  • Add a local variable to the player sprite, and each time he makes a successful hit increment it by 1. if he misses reset it to 0. When it reaches 3 add an event which will trigger your combo attack.

  • Hi imhotep22,

    Where can i find the local varible option?

    i can only see, instance varibles - boolean , number , text

    and when i press the normal attack he dont plays the animation by himself i need to hold it before he attacks, is there an easy fix for that?

    it would be great to make a combo, I've been days trying to find something but I just can not find anything

  • You can use instance variable also, its does not matter really.

    If you hold a button for the attack to happen, for example lets say key f on the keyboard and it takes 3 seconds to charge. You will have to add keyboard object in your project, after that in the event system add a condition on key f hold, as action add wait 1 sec, add 1 to instance variable (which is 0 on start, lets call it combo).

    Now for the attack it self, add a condition combo => 3, ass action add your animation and the attack you want to happen, and reset the combo to 0.

    You will also need a Boolean condition on the charging event, so when the combo attack is getting executed the charging with stop.

  • Thank you for taking the time to explain

    It succeeded, the combo works

  • Glad to help, good luck with your game

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