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  • So I have a game where you click on a moving character from right to left, you click it and it moves towards the center blahdy blah, but it takes a lot of clicks to actually get it to work.. I think its because its a moving target, and Ive tried to make the object bigger with invisible width, but it still doesnt click very well.. any ideas on how to make the clicking work better?

    Also, I switched "on object clicked" to on button pressed, and it works great so I think the program just struggles with clicking on moving objects.. hmm

  • This is just a wild guess, but you could try making the "on object clicked" event block an "Or" block and add an "on object double clicked" to it.

  • hmm, doesnt seem to work, maybe I just have a crappy mouse lol, thats ok I think I'll change it to a button press thing, much more reliable. thanks for the reply!

  • NiceJared

    Have you tried bigger collision polygon? It is not enough to make whole object bigger, you should enlarge collision box.

    Can you give us capx?

  • I'd love to, but I'm a newbie and actually don't know how to do that, nor am I 100% sure what a capx is lol

  • [attachment=0:1yt1ygq3][/attachment:1yt1ygq3] maybe this worked.. first time for everything

  • The collision polygon on your "RightWalk" animation, frame 0 is really wonky and doesn't cover most of the object. Open that frame, right click in the image editor, and click "Guess polygon shape". This should get you a square for your collision polygon and clicking the object will be way easier.

  • wow I would have never guessed that.. wonder how that happened? thank you so much!!

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  • I'd love to, but I'm a newbie and actually don't know how to do that, nor am I 100% sure what a capx is lol

    When you edit your object, lowest Icon in editor, below image points.

    That box defines with what area will your object interact with other objects or mouse in this case.

    Sometimes you will want to make it larger than object, sometimes, smaller.

    Take into account, more points on collision box means more hardware requirements.

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