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  • Hello C2 Users,

    I'am new here and beginner with CS2 and we are making a simple game on CS2 for my education, and now i have some problems.

    1. How can I change textinput by click on spacebar but first my character must be come to the object and than he can click on spacebar to change the text.

    2. I have a background with 9000px width and 700px height but when i test the the game is the background not 9000px width ?

    Sorry for my bad English.



  • mmm sorry i really dont understand what you are asking for

    how do you click on the space bar??

  • It would be indeed easier if you would post (attach) the capx of your current project with your message so we could understand better what you are looking to achieve exactly.

    For the background, are you sure your layout size can handle the 9000 pixels of your background ?

  • Kyatric , can you pm me , so that i can send you my CapX file ?

    I can't PM anyone because i don't have 500 rep.

  • Nope you don't need to PM it, attach it to a forum post, or use dropbox and post a public link.

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  • I have tried to upload but my CapX file is 5 MB here a dropbox link:


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