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  • Hello, I was wondering if there was a good way to make something like character sheets in Construct 2. If anyone here has played a table top RPG they probably have made a character sheet, anyway just like in the table-top setting a good rpg video game has lots of stats that each character can have (strength, dexterity, wisdom, faith, intelligence, ect.) What is the best way to go about doing this in Construct 2?

    I was thinking dictionary as I could create one for each character and then use keys like "strength", "dexterity", etc set to values for those stats, but it seems like i need to build this on the event sheet to be created every time my game loads, is there a way to make a file that has this information on it which my game can reference, or something like that?

    What is the best practice for creating, organizing, and storing statistics?

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  • You can create .txt files containing the dictionary data and then load it using the AJAX object

    A dictionary object text data looks like this:

    Then use the AJAX object to request the file and the Dictionary action "Load"
    Check the manual if you need help with AJAX and you never used it before
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