How do I make my character jump properly and ShootToThe Left

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  • Hi there guys, I wanted to develop games for a long time, I started using Construct 2 free and it seems pretty good, I just started building my own game and I found some pictures on some free art websites, I would like to know what I am doing wrong with my character for now.

    originally I wanted my character to move with the WASD but it seems to have some problem so I made it move with the arrow keys for now, my character won't jump properly, I have no idea what I am doing wrong, and I cannot shoot to the left without it shooting to both sides..

    its my first time using this program so please don't hate if I made codes horribly wrong haha, thanks for the help!

    I will upload a picture since I don't think I can upload the game's files

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  • set the bullets angle

    shuriken --> bullet set angle to -180

  • set the bullets angle

    shuriken --> bullet set angle to -180

    Thank you for your help, but now there is nothing to tell him from shooting right and left at the same time when he is looking left.

  • ToxicAngel

    Try to copy the number one to the place where I marked for you,

    and then right click on the condition that you just copy, make it to Invert.

    From now you will have 2 different condition,

    1st is Player is mirrored and

    2nd is Player isn't mirrored


    Enjoy !

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