Changing button font to match what is used in text objects?

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  • Hey, everyone,

    I know we can change button styles with CSS, but text objects are using a font from the Font directory and bundling that with the .exe when exported. If we change the button font using CSS using the font-family property to the same font, when exported, is it going to reference the packaged font or still manually look it up from the system and become an incompatibility? I want to make my buttons match the rest of the text objects in the GUI. I know that I can technically just use sprites with the text in them and use any text colour changes as an animation frame, but I'd rather use the proper Button object to save processing and time.

    Many thanks!

    - inquiesco

  • Would using Webfonts solve your problem?

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  • I was hoping to not have to use Webfonts, as if I can save calling a server, all the better. But I'll test an export build without Webfonts first and see if it packages it still and if not, will consider it.

    Cheers for the response, .

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