Change Sprite Angle Without Flipping Sprite

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    I'm running into ridiculous issues while using this software, but I just accepted them for now because I got so much time invested into learning this product.

    Is there a way to change official sprite angle (the little arrow on the sprite) to 270 degrees without having to flip the sprite in the animation so one object rotates properly to another?

    No idea why the default is not 270 degrees and it makes me and probably a lot of newbes go through all this nonsense.

    If there isn't, now I have to adjust like 6 different sprite animations because they won't properly rotate towards an object. How is that for ease of use?

    Also, if you are a nebe and haven't tested this, everything that uses lerp for movement or angle rotation goes through a ridiculous number of decimals even when the sprite has ostensibly stopped, so you need test in between conditions to shortcircuit that or you wind up with sloppy ridiculously and needlessly slow code. How is that for ease of use?

    In my opinion this product is written remarkably sloppy without almost any regard for the end user or his troubles.

    And P.S. All video game software should be written in C, C#, or C++. Everything else is garbage and will always run into a ton of trouble.

    Stuck with it for now!

    First no, you can't change Construct's absolute angles. In Construct RIGHT is always 0 degrees, DOWN is 90, LEFT is 180 and UP is 270. That's just how it was built and all other behaviors and functions reference this.

    Secondly, lerp has nothing to do with Construct, it's a math function. And because of it's nature you never truly get to your destination since lerp is ALWAYS halving the distance, which is why there are so many decimal places. So you need to write code to compensate. i.e. when it gets to a certain point just set it to your destination. You will run into this problem in any language.

    If you feel so strongly about C/C#/C++ I'm not sure why you are using Construct as it is all java based. I suggest you use Unity for C# or create your own custom engine in C++.

    Well, yeah, that's what I said, this is basically restating my statement.

    My point is, not every game starts as a platformer, so you position your sprites facing up.

    It would be nice to be able to set the sprite up w/ 1 click, so you DON'T have any rude awakenings in later programming, if you've done a zillion animations for each sprite before going to step 2.

    And lerp is what lerp is, I was commenting on ease of use and lack of documentation. This program purports to be easy to use and unless someone gets really brainy, they will not discover these things and they WILL have shitty code.

    This is a very blaze attitude on the part of the founder. No coding experience needed? Ha! If he really wanted to make this user friendly, something would be written up on this decimal nonsense or it would be automatically taken care of, with a more advanced option for other users. Otherwise, why would someone with no coding experience even bother to test this w/ text boxes? They'd just program this away and then wonder: "Gee, C2 is friggin slow. I wonder why."

    It's not a feeling about C. It's a fact. Check out my Xbox Live Publishing thread and a zillion other threads on similar issues. Somehow the words "Prototyping Software - Not Meant To be A Final Product for Anything, But the Simplest of Browser Games" seem to have gotten lost.

    And if you start making exporters, you are really implying C2 can be a final product for a lot of things, which is a blatant falsehood considering how unstable it is and how many bugs it has, many of which the founder in his blaze attitude refuses to investigate. I wonder how much of a user base C2 still has judging the activity on the forums (next to none, not counting the fake downloads, etc.)

    Sure design your software in whatever, but make sure it compiles properly to some type of C for the end game (and not "interpret to C" which the founder himself has admitted only sporadically worked in Construct Classic.)

    yeah AmpedRobot if I were you I would definitely ditch C2 and go to a different engine or code your own. That's the way to go.

    About the comments towards Ashley and the product itself, i dunno.... There are couple games that made success made with Construct, so i don't agree with Construct being only a prototype tool.

    Heck! If your game is complex or famous enough, you shouldn't even use Unity, UE, Cryengine and etcetera. Its "bloatware" all over the place.

    But i really got curious about the scenario. AmpedRobot care to show a print of your "point up" sprite and environment? I mean, your whole concern is that many twerks are needed (check angle/flip) to achieve things that should be easy?

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    This wasn't meant to be a troll thread even though a discussion of this type typically invites trolls, either through lack of experience or dummy Ashley accounts.

    Look, C2 is great prototyping software, but it has a HUGE way to go in terms of user friendliness and founder attitude.

    Anybody who has used C2 for a few years or has tried to make anything but the simplest of games will inevitably know this and run into these issues.

    I'm just very upset a lot of these things weren't widely advertised up front.

    C2 has HUGE limitations in terms of being a final product.

    And as far as there being successful games using C2, I HIGHLY doubt that.

    Millions of free downloads means nothing in terms of ad revenue and click farms.

    Just Google C2 "sound not working" as an example and see what pops up.

    I could list a ton of other unresolved issues that would make everybody scratch their heads as to why they even bothered with this software to begin with.

    But ask anybody. C is the way to go for video games because it's as close as it gets to machine language in terms of stability.

    You try to make even more than 4 layouts in C2, the 4th layout will glitch, frequently, doesn't matter how many times you recode it from scratch using different functions names, etc.

    This guy is extremely blaze because he's never truly done a complex game (except for the silly examples) and he wants to brush all the issues under the carpet or wants to prey on inexperienced dreamers or most likely both.

    Google "Construct 2 is a scam", you will find a lot of useful information, a lot of which I agree with because it;s just true.

    People, if indeed these are real people, who "jump" to C2's rescue typically do not have enough experience with using all of its so called features.

    You can't even have more than 1 music track. Where is that advertised?

    You can't use expansion files for Google Play and the packaging/load with the browser wrapper eats up most of the 100 megs allowed. Where is that advertised?

    There are vritually NO CODE examples for the really useful stuff like Xbox exporting which the company would dare stand by and virtually no code examples for anything else. "Oh, yeah. The founder is too busy. You guys just do it on your own. Huh!"

    You can't make an Xbox game because the Xbox login does not work. There is a Javascript equivalent but the founder in his wisdom can't make it work and the additions should properly be done in C.

    In my opinion (and many others), the founder is very dishonest which is why there is a huge lashback against this "product" now.


    Or how about this one?

    When you set a sprite's bullet speed to 0 via an event, while maintaining all other variables, like acceleration, it does not even travel on the correct angle (there is a 90 degree offset for no reason). You have to disable and enable the bullet behavior, but no don't set the speed to 0, which should do the same thing.

    Again, changing speed should have NOTHING to do with angle. How is that for attention to detail?

    Isnt your bullet with the rotate towards angle thing enabled? Also, about the angle, do you have gravity?

    I mean, the game im working is literally only about bullets and projectiles and i have yet 0 problems like you described.

    About the general issues from the below post, yes. It is indeed a huge problem that we have some kind of rookie bugs (sound not working, "OR" event blocks buggy and etc) but what i feel is that we are kinda supported with the fixes "as soon as possible".

    About the bugs itself, let me tell you this: I bought 7 months ago an expensive Dell notebook (5800 BRL, moreless 1900 USD) and about 4 days ago i lost my shit and it couldn't boot. Some general error about HDD and UEFI/boots options. I thought the HDD have died and ive lost everything damn thing i had on it. Opened, reconnect HDD and still nothing. Searching guidance on mobile i found a really old reddit post saying that this problem was some windows update and that it could be hotfixed with some knowledge and setup changes.

    Anyway, i got the damn thing to boot and the update finished "flawless". My point is: if even Windows can't make a single stupid update bugfree, imagine Scirra/Construct/Ashley.

    Also, i don't know if you are implying that im an Asheley evangelist or even one of his "fake accounts" but i just want to state that i am not.

    About C being the only game language, eehhm... Yes and no., You have to be more open minded. Btw im no artist at all, im just some rookie with maybe 10~15 years of programming history, with computer science bachelor so i know a bit of what im talking about.

    For the tool itself, i (and probably others) still think it has it niche. One example of work would be Healer's Quest that a fellow forum dude got on steam and by screens and video id say it is a good job, made by a guy whos probably solely a designer. IF he gets really into serious gaming dev, im pretty sure Unity/UE/Godot/Love/etc will be wayyyy easier to understand for him now.

    To finish, im leaving this topic. I think the "path" it's taking leads to nowhere.

    Edit: typos.


    Dude, seriously, what is wrong with you? before you start ranting and cussing the software it might be worth sharing an example file of what you are trying to do.

    RIght now you just sound like an ass.

    This is a very blaze attitude on the part of the founder. No coding experience needed? Ha!

    Heh. Try learning C then. You might find that it actually is a lot easier in Construct.

    People routinely blame Construct for things that aren't its fault, like the fact fractional calculations aren't exactly perfect. That literally comes down to the circuitry in the CPU, and is ultimately because computers don't have an infinite amount of memory.

    People often question some piece of behavior that is actually deliberately designed as a careful tradeoff between contradictory requirements of two different groups of users.

    Some of what has been mentioned is simply false. For example, you can have unlimited music tracks, even in the free edition.

    Anyway, I think this discussion is in bad faith since there doesn't appear to be any attempt to understand the reasoning behind this, or generally the limitations of the laws of physics, so locking.

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