How do I change button state in 0 time scale

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  • Hi

    I'm having trouble with my sprite buttons because they conflict with time scale. This is how I have the buttons set up:

    (Sprite buttons are stacked)

    Button Raised Up Sprite - set visible

    Button Pressed Down Sprite - set invisible

    On Button Raised Up touch - set Button Raised Up to invisible,

    set Button Pressed Down to visible, Wait 0.1 seconds, Go to the next layout.

    The buttons work so long at the time scale isn't 0, because otherwise it switches to the next layout before I can see the the button pressed down sprite. I'd like for the buttons to work even if the game is paused and time scale is 0. Is there a simple solutions to make this work or a better way of making buttons in C2?


    Edit: If I can set only certain layers to 0 time scale, then I can just put the buttons on a different layer. I don't see where that is possible though.

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  • When the global time scale is 0, you can reset individual objects to regular time scale with 'Set Object Time Scale'. What this does is makes 'object.dt' behave as normal, and not evaluate to 0. You may need to replace your 'wait' event with a timer behavior or variable.

    If you don't know what 'dt' means, this tutorial is very helpful.

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