I can't get "Play audio/disable audio" to work with layouts?

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  • So right now, I have a menu with music and a Level select with music. (2 different tunes!)

    They both have different event sheets.

    This is how it looks on the menu

    This works 100%, everytime I open the menu, I get the sound, both to play and it stops when I go to the next layout it's totally quiet, if I refresh the layout nothing happens. BUT. If I go in Construct 2 and start the layout from there, I get the sound (So it skips the menu layout).

    This is how it looks in the level select layout.

    How come this don't work when I switch layouts from Menu to Level select ?

    Do I need to use the same event sheet for this task?


    Gonna add some extra info here as I just found out.

    I get it to work if I use the SAME song (Like "menu" "menu")

    this is pretty wierd


    Another edit:

    Seems like it knows there is a song there, but it dosent load it or something?


    Another one (I feel like Dj Khaled)

    If I would play "Level" in start menu it works in "Level Select" aswell

    So aslong as I use the same music in different layouts, it works, But I cannot use 2 different?


    Another one.

    I now imported a third .ogg (different)

    If I use the new music in menu, the sound changes in level select.

    but if I use the original it does not.

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  • Solved:

    If anyone else have this problem aswell in future and searching and finding this.

    I used

    "System -> On start of layout (This is on the first layout, menu) -> Audio -> Preload "your music"

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