Can't find "set css style," info on configurations bar

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  • Hello and thanks:

    I'm using the free version to determine if C2 will work for my simple text-based game. For now I'm trying to style a textbox to have a border.

    1) The manual states, " the Textbox object exposes a Set CSS style action " but I have looked for hours and cannot find this Set CSS style action. How and where do I find it?

    2) Among the limitations of the free edition is "No Configurations bar." I have searched the manual, beginners guide and everywhere possible to learn what I am missing/losing by the absence of this feature but I find no reference to it anywhere. What is it and what functionality am I missing? (It seems to me that the absence of any reference to "Configurations bar" in the manual might be a significant oversight.)

  • Not sure what limitations might exist in the free version but here you go...

    First make sure your selecting the right control. You might be selecting the text object and not the "Textbox" object


    Then you need to add the action to the event sheet.


    You will find it here in the action window


    Hope this helps...

  • Thank you. The "Add Action" link was so close in color to the white background I didn't see it, plus blind.

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  • Shortcut: Press "A" to add an action

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